Chris Brown feat. Tyga and Kevin McCall - Deuces

Love this song. :)

Beyonceeee, My Idol…

Love these pictures.

    Of course it’s Misss. Beyonceeeee or should I say Mrssss. - lol.

        The two that aren’t black and white were edited by me. =)

        Check out her new video/song “Why Don’t You Love Me.”

Tyga feat. Chris Brown - G Shit

Love this song also it’s from their

Mixtape “Fan of a Fan" dropping

tommorrow May 17th 2010 ! :)

Chris Brown and TYGA - Drop Top Girl

From Fan of Fan Mixtape that dropped today

May 17th 2010, at Midnight.

Lady Gagaaaaa…

I looooove Lady Gaga. Another artist who is just different and has a different style (I mean look at her!!) =). Did you see her at last year’s MTV Movie Awards??? Wooooww! Lol. =) And I looooove her earphones, the Heartbeats (high definition). Got them for Christmas, definetley worth the money. =)

Ain’t Thinkin Bout You Tonight…

"Now it feels funny to be doing sunthin’ different.
But it’s all good, me and u finished
She got a ball player, but a n*gga ain’t trippin
And I ain’t saying that he don’t love u
But I don’t think he love u like I do
But it’s ok, its alright
My Blackberries feeled with a whole bunch of women
Wasting time, steady tryna get u back
(get u back in my life)
Yeah, you don’t care, you don’t care
It used to be u that I like, but I’mma do what I like tonight
I’m gon get tipsy
Over 21, all the girls have fun, and watch the ladies jump on meeeeee….

And girl when I’m up in the club really turnt up I ain’t gon’ think about u tonight(tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight). Ayee-ayee
Shawty whassuuup
Oh babaayyy
All the girls in the club
God d**n you sexy, u sexy, god d**n u sexy, oh u sexy, oh-oh-oh-ohhhhhhh…”
—-Chris Brown

Song — Chris Brown feat. Bow Wow - Ain’t Thinkin Bout You

Chris Brown and Tyga mixtape Fan of a Fan Mixtape

                                    Photo edited by me. =)

Chris Brown feat. Bow Wow - Ain’t Thinkin’ ‘Bout You

From Chris Brown and Tyga’s mixtape called Fan of a Fan.

Also love this song. I love all the songs on the Mixtape actually -lol,

but this is one of the song’s I play the most.

Click here to download the mixtape.

Lyricssss- Fan of a Fan — I’m On It — TYGAaaa…

I’m On It
chin up
Gold Chain N*gga
Stripes no Tiger, TYGA b*tches!…
It’s h**s in this mutha****a straight trippinnn…
Life is a b**ch better know how to treat her…

Lyricssss- Fan of a Fan — Movin’ 2 Fast — TYGAaaa…

Movin’ 2 Fast
Sneak peek thru the window panes
Girls all aboard this Young Money Train
Ever since fame, sh*t’ll never been the same
The world want a show so I’ma be the stage
Dim the lights, listen to what I’m gonna say
Got a fan base, n*gga F*CK what a hater gotta say
They sleep all day, I’m up early doe
Scrolling thru the phone, watchin videos
Not much competition doeeee
I mean ofcourse just the same ol’ b**ches in plain clothes
Playing the same roles……
Shame on all these models
But I’ma still buy all these bottles
Got alot to learn young man
Life is your only friend one day you’ll understand…
Movin 2 Fast…
Early flight now I’m out of town
Freakin’ out all I see is clouds
Hawaii lookin niiceee man
Why everytime L.A its a earthquake
Why everytime I leave home b****es thirstaaaayyy

Lyricssss- Fan of a Fan — Regular Girl— ChrisBrownn…

Regular Girl — Chris Brown
Can I get your love
Girl I’m on it
 Till morning
What I gotta do to meet u
I want a regular girl, want a regular girl, want a regular girl
When I get home yeah
The fame don’t mean nothin
Neither does the money
I just want my friend
Right here with me
The light will fade away
No matter how hard I grind
Today ain’t the day
So I’m just gonna live my life
All day long
Same sh*t different video
All them silly games I don’t wanna play no mo’

                     NOTE: The picture above is not Chris Brown, it IS TYGA.

For some reason I just wanted to post this picture for this post/blog.=)


D*n I miss you
It’s like u kicked a n*gga oo-ooout
Moved on to the next one
I hope maybe we can work it out
D**n I be wishing u was here right now” —MAKE LOVE

Early flight now I’m out of town
Freakin’ out all I see is clouds
Hawaii lookin niiceee man
Why everytime L.A its a earthquake
Why everytime I leave home b****es thirstaayyy”—MOVIN’ 2 FAST

                                        Fan of a Fan Mixtape

Chris Brown and Tyga - Make Love

From Fan of Fan Mixtape.

And I know I’ve been posting like all their songs,

but I just love them - lol. Other songs will be

put up too, pretty soon.  =)

Chris Brown and Tyga - Regular Girl

From Fan of a Fan Mixtape.